Theology and Spirituality

The Gospel in a Pluralist SocietyThe Gospel in a Pluralist Society by Lesslie Newbigin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lesslie Newbigin is no stranger to theologians as a very influential missiologist. The Gospel in a Pluralist Society is one of his most important works, in which he analyzes contemporary society and what the Christian message has to offer in a culture dominated by relativism and pluralism. It even has a chapter on the similarities between science and religion, where he argues that both are subject to their respective traditions, and that both in practice require a certain amount of faith. His experiences as a missionary in India during his younger days shine through in this thoughtful work that would forever change the way the Church carried out its missions.

Glimpsing the Face of God: The Search for Meaning in the UniverseGlimpsing the Face of God: The Search for Meaning in the Universe by Alister E. McGrath
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s hard to categorize this book by Alister McGrath, theologian at Oxford University and former biochemist. It is somewhat an apologetics book, arguing in defense of the intellectual integrity of the Christian faith – but it does so in a way that is unlike the usual (and flawed, I would say) ‘scientific and historical proofs that the Bible is true’ argument. All this book attempts to show is that the Christian idea of God, and the Christian faith in general, can exist as a coherent and intellectually satisfying worldview, even in the light of science. He discusses issues of morality, human suffering, epistemology, and the human search for meaning, among other things. The author’s background as a scientist is apparent here, as he often uses examples from science to explain his thoughts. A very thin but thoughtful book.


One thought on “Theology and Spirituality

  1. This looks like a very interesting book. I’m a book-review blogger who wants to read more in the theology area. Thanks for the recommendation.

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