The Author

Born and raised in Malaysia, I am now a PhD student in extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology (with a bit of engineering) at Curtin University in Western Australia, and am currently attached to the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR). More specifically, I study the twinkling of compact regions around supermassive black holes residing in distant galaxies caused by the turbulent clouds of gas in our own Galaxy. By looking at how such twinkling changes for objects at increasing distances (and therefore at earlier epochs in the history of the Universe), we can study the curvature of space-time due to the expansion of the Universe, the diffuse intergalactic gas pervading the cosmos, and the evolution of the regions around the supermassive black holes.

In my free time (in between hanging out with my wonderful wife and beautiful daughter), I enjoy science fiction and theology, secretly harbouring grand delusions of one day becoming an astrophysicist cum Christian theologian contributing to the dialogue between science and religious faith, with an Asian twist!

I am a Christian who upholds the statements of faith as affirmed in the Apostolic and Nicene creeds, therefore, my theological insights are mostly from a Christian (hopefully ecumenical) perspective, though I will not hesitate to draw upon useful theological/philosophical insights from within Judaism, Islam, Zen, Buddhism and Hinduism when necessary. I am currently a part of the Uniting Church in Australia, and I am able to affirm that its basis of union and its self-description expresses my personal convictions very well.

The Blog

Do science and religion share any common ground? How do they relate to each other? Is a dialogue between these two spheres of human experience even remotely possible? Do they really have anything to say to each other?

This blog serves as a platform to gather any thoughts or reflections on the natural sciences, particularly in fields that have historically impinged upon areas once considered to be the sacred territory of philosophers and theologians, i.e. evolutionary biology, cosmology and the neurosciences. How will modern day theories of life and the universe affect our understanding of God, His creation, and of the Scriptures that claim to be divinely inspired?

On the other hand, this website will also explore current theological insights, in areas ranging from Christology to eschatology, from natural theology to a theology of nature, while asking these questions: Can they provide coherent and intellectually satisfying explanations for the metaphysical questions concerning the universe; questions that lie beyond the realms of scientific objectivity? Is there more to reality beyond that which is physical? How will they affect the way we view science and do science?

Discourses in science and theology will mean nothing if they make no contribution towards humanity and the world at large. Therefore this website will attempt to look at what science, theology and the intertwining of these two fields can offer in connection with our human experience and our role on this tiny planet in a vast cosmos. In particular, it will look at education and environmental issues.

I wish to clarify that I am no expert in theology nor in every field in science, and ask for your pardon if any of the statements or views presented on this blog reflect an ignorance or lack of understanding towards them. Comments and corrections from other practicing scientists and theologians are most welcome!