theSkyNet Comes Online!

Are we staring into a bleak future where self-aware machines nuke the planet, take over the world, and send assassin robots back in time to hunt down John Connor? Who would have predicted, that a citizen science project initiated by the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) would eventually lead to the demise of humanity and the rise of the machines? After all, it’s just a harmless attempt to harness idle computing resources through the Internet to process radio astronomy data. SETI@home and other projects in Zooniverse have done the same too – get passionate volunteers involved in doing the science, resulting in free labour, as well as free computing resources! Brilliant! All you need are catchy taglines like ‘Do your part, discover our Universe! theSkyNet needs you!’ and cool flash videos like the one below.

So come one and all, join theSkyNet now and play a part  in unleashing the sequence of events that will ultimately lead to the destruction of humanity discovering the Universe!


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