Even Astronomers Need Reminding of the Beauty that Surrounds Us

Astronomers no longer sit at observatories looking at beautiful nebulae and galaxies through large telescopes. Neither do we spend much time contemplating the big questions of the Universe. In fact, we spend most of our time writing code, reducing data, looking  at charts/graphs (and not those beautiful images you see in coffee table astronomy books) and writing papers. In fact, that’s what I’ve been up to for  the last couple of months – trying to sort out a couple of papers that I’ve been working on, writing and rewriting sections based on peer reviewed comments. This also explains why I haven’t had time to write any updates for this blog (you CAN get sick of writing! I wonder how all the journalists do it). It should therefore come as no surprise that even astronomers can forget how beautiful the Universe is!

All it took was a few minutes of watching the video below, to get yanked out of my present  obsession with my data and papers, and be reminded again of the beauty that drives my work. I’m doing astronomy because the Universe holds many secrets waiting to be revealed in all its splendour!

So here’s the video that provided me with the necessary motivation in the midst of my daily grind, courtesy of Terje Sorgjerd of Norway:


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