Christian-Muslim Solidarity in Egypt: Lessons for Malaysia?

While tensions are on the rise in Malaysia regarding the Malay bible and ‘Allah’ issue, and certain irresponsible parties are attempting to aggravate Christian-Muslim relations further with threats of uprisings, it’s a good time to turn to Egypt to see what can happen when Christians and Muslims stand together in solidarity.

After a church was bombed by militants, killing about twenty people, many Muslims showed up to act as human shields at church services, surrounding the churches, and in cases even attending the services. The Muslims held candle light vigils in protest of those bombings.

Not long after, we all know what happened. Muslims and Christians both stood side by side in protesting against the Mubarak government – holding crucifixes and the Quran together (even drawing symbols of the cross and the crescent together on banners) as a demonstration of Christian-Muslim solidarity. Our Malaysian politicians and muftis (and even some Christians too I believe) would be crying ‘blasphemy’ if they’d seen this happening in Malaysia!

While the Muslims were praying, it was the turn of the Christians to form human shields to defend the Muslim protestors from Mubarak supporters…

Of course, there are lots of examples within Malaysia as well. Even now, many Malaysian Muslims have stood together with the Christians in calling for the right to religious freedom. But I thought I’d show these amazing pictures (obtained from various news websites and therefore risking infringement of copyright!) and allowing them speak to us…


3 thoughts on “Christian-Muslim Solidarity in Egypt: Lessons for Malaysia?

  1. it is good to see whAT MAY SEEM AS TWO DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED RELIGIONS working together; it gives an optimistiv viewpoint of the human race

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