The Legacy of a Christian Scientist

It has been an enormous privilege to have the chance as a scientist to see God’s hand at work in the things we’re discovering. And one of the things that I’ve found most gratifying, especially since the publication of my book, has been the chance to talk to others who are struggling with how to put this together – particularly young people, seeking answers to the question of whether God exists or not. ~ Francis Collins, Real Scientists, Real Faith

A scientist in God’s world who knows and loves the Author of it can rejoice equally in the growth of the explanatory structure of science, and in any surprises that may shake it. For both he returns thanks to the same Giver, recognizing his obligation to do justice both to the normal coherence of the flux of created events, and to its moment-by-moment contingency on the divine fiat. His mind will be open but critical, rational but not rationalistic, realizing that the God of truth is even more concerned than he is that he should not swallow falsehood – but also that he should not disbelieve what is true, however unexpected. He will be careful – especially in his public pronouncements – to distinguish as clearly as possible between data and theoretical exrtapolations; chary of baseless speculation; and alert to illegitimate attempts to turn science into scientism. In all this – if he can only be true to it – he may find much of value for the defence of the biblical faith. But the Christian’s motive can never be one of apologetic expediency. His one desire must be to do the fullest justice to all the data given him by God, to whom he will be accountable for keeping the record straight. ~ Donald MacKay, Real Scientists, Real Faith


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