The Life of a Christian Scientist

My surest prediction of your future, I tell students, is that your story will be like mine: it will not be what you are now expecting. And that is why the best preparation for the unpredictable future is one that develops your basic knowledge of the world, your skills of critical thinking and effective communication, and a secure sense of overarching identity and values, out of which your life purpose and vocational mission will emerge. ~ David Myers, Real Scientists, Real Faith

The scientist’s religious mandate, wrote neuroscientist Donald MacKay, ‘is to tell it like it is, knowing that the Author is at our elbow, a silent judge of the accuracy with which we claim to describe the world He has created.’ Disciplined, rigorous inquiry – checking our theories against reality – helps fulfil Jesus’ great commandment to love God not just with our hearts but also with out minds. ~ David Myers, Real Scientists, Real Faith

If I am to be faithful to my mission of discerning and communicating truth – God’s truth – as best I can, then I must be open to changing my mind even about cherished Christian ideas. If you and I are not God, and if we therefore inevitably err in our thinking (our religious thinking, included), then we can relax and rethink. ~ David Myers, Real Scientists, Real Faith

I have found it fruitful to understand my own scientific vocation as ‘giving voice to Creation’, which is wordless on its own (cf Psalm 19:3). ~ Wilson C. K. Poon, Real Scientists, Real Faith


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