The Universe in God

Continuing on with the theme of creation in Christian worship, I was delighted when our church minister introduced this song to the congregation a couple of months back. We’ve sung it a few times since. It’s lyrics are by George Stuart of Toronto Uniting Church, and is sung to the tune of Lauda/Anima/Praise My Soul, an old hymn. It’s got a slight hint of pantheistic theology in it (not least in the title of the song!), and even brings ‘science’ into the picture! This reminds me of some of the Romantic poets who used science as an inspiration for their art. If I had to choose a personal theme song that best describes my spirituality, it will definitely have to be this one.

The Universe in God

All creation sings a story
Of great splendours to declare;
When we contemplate its beauty
We are called forth into prayer.
We, enchanted, stand in silence;
God discovered everywhere.

When we stumble on new knowledge,
When new insights help us grow,
We are quick to re-discover
Just how much we do not know.
But the Universe smiles gently,
As our theories come and go.

Outer space and inner being
Both have secrets they conceal.
Galaxies so grimly awesome,
Deep emotions that we feel –
All in God are judged as sacred;
It is God they all reveal.

Ageless mysteries still excite us;
Time and space we must explore.
God the ‘Presence’ and ‘Surrounding’,
God the ever wondrous ‘More’ –
Not just found by science’s labours,
But in praise when we adore.


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