Creation Calls

We have to be very cautious about pointing to the complexity and intricacy of Nature as proof of God’s existence. As Alister McGrath points out, this is how an earlier generation of philosophers and theologians might have approached it (i.e. William Paley and his famous watchmaker analogy). What modern science has shown is that complexity indeed can arise through entirely natural processes, from stars and galaxies, to the miriad of creatures that fill the Earth. This does not mean, of course, that it disproves the existence of God either. The question of God’s existence is entirely metaphysical, and both theistic and atheistic views can be consistent with what we perceive and learn about our world.

Still, this is a nice worship song, which is the point of this post! It’s by Brian Doerkson, and the video seems to be a compilation of scenes from the wonderful ‘Planet Earth’ documentary by BBC.


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