The Oracles of Science (and Religion)

Karl’s talk is a good survey of the ‘key voices’ within the science/religion dialogue. He calls these people ‘oracles’, as they are public faces that everyone recognizes. He brings up a critical point. Is the culture war between science and religion mainly a communications problem? Why is it that the extreme views seem to be getting the most airtime and are most succesful in propagating their message? On one hand, we have the anti-science Creationists like Ken Ham and Kent Hovind influencing Evangelical Christianity in America and elsewhere in the world. On the other hand, we have the atheist scientists like Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Owen Wilson, and Steven Weinberg having a large influence on large swathes of society. What about those who sit in the middle – who are both science and faith friendly? Why are their voices seldom heard? Is it because our media love conflict? Controversy sells newspapers and increases viewership, right? I think it is time voices like Kenneth Miller, Alister McGrath, Francis Collins, John Polkinghorne, Arthur Peacocke, Owen Gingerich – among many other scientist/theologians/believers get heard.


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