… Like Light that Comes from the Sun

Neville was given the task of preaching about the resurrection on Easter Sunday at church. It was a very poignant sermon, even more so considering his own unique journey of faith and background. His closing thoughts resonated with my own emotions at this particular point in my life:

There will be times when you’ll feel forsaken, you’ll feel lonely, you’ll feel like Elijah – ‘only I am left’… but just let your courage be in the love God has for you, not in the love that you have for Him. I remember a saying: The love of God is like the light that comes from the Sun. It shines into every corner; it brings warmth and causes things to grow. It’s hard to hide from. But the love that we bring to God is like the light that shines from the Moon; it waxes and wanes; it’s patchy; and worst of all, it has a hidden dark side. The resurrection, cruxifiction, Easter, tells us how much God loves us. Let us never forget that. ~ Neville McKenzie

One thought that immediately came to my mind as I heard this, was the added fact that the Moon does not produce its own light, but reflects the light that comes from the Sun – a wonderful analogy of our love for God as always being a response towards God who first loved us. Without the Sun, the Moon can have no light. God is the source of all love.


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