Kevin Rudd Believes in Evolution… So?

So Kevin Rudd believes in evolution... 'good on ya!' - as the Aussies would say...

So Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister of Australia and a practising Christian, believes in evolution, according to an article in the West Australian. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, a regular Anglican church attendee, has admitted that he believes in evolution – and always has. In an interview today, Mr Rudd was asked about his view on evolution. It followed a challenge from Opposition leader Tony Abbott, who had been asked his views on evolution, to quiz the PM on his own beliefs. But the PM was clear and to the point in view on the origin of man. “I have always believed in evolution. The reason is it’s an empirical science,” he told Channel Nine. “It’s been established. It has been, therefore, fundamental to the great innovations in science and technology for the last two hundred years since Darwin was around. And that’s my view – always has been.”

As Creationism and Intelligent Design continue to spread in America, Europe, Australia, and in various Muslim countries worldwide, this piece of news is definitely comforting to hear! But then, the Anglicans, particular those in the higher echelons of the hierarchy i.e. Archbishop Rowan Williams, have always accepted evolution. Other well-known Anglicans such as C. S. Lewis and Sir John Polkinghorne are also well known proponents of evolution. The Catholic Church officially accepts evolution as well. So in fact, this news article really isn’t much news at all… but oh well, it is good to hear anyway, since it comes from a very important person in Australia. And he happens to have a say in the policies of the country, so it bodes well for science and education here in Australia.

On another note, I don’t recall evolution being a part of our biology syllabus back in Malaysia. Perhaps that is why the creation-evolution discussion has never really taken off back home. Or maybe people just don’t have time for such things back there. I wonder if they teach it in the biological science courses in the universities – seeing that the theory forms the backbone of all the biological sciences. I’ll have to ask some of my friends about this one day.


2 thoughts on “Kevin Rudd Believes in Evolution… So?

  1. Hi WipeOut,

    I’ve looked at the article, and from what I gather, Kevin Rudd believes in creation – which doesn’t really make him a ‘Creationist’ in the usual sense of the word. I think he accepts evolution as the scientific and naturalistic explanation, whereas believes in creation as a metaphysical explanation for what we see today.

    Not that I am a Rudd supporter or anything – I’m not even Australian! But I think that’s what he meant when he talked about creation – not in a ‘7 day literalist’ kind of way.

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