An Update on the ‘Allah’ Issue

This Al-Jazeera report/interview provides a good overview of the situation back home in Malaysia. What’s interesting about it is that all three interviewees – Khalid Samad (the Shah Alam MP and PAS politician), Marina Mahathir (a social activist and daughter of our former Prime Minister), and Yusri Muhammad (from the Malaysian islamic Youth Movement) – are Muslims, providing different perspectives on the matter. I am proud of Khalid Samad and Marina Mahathir for their stand, but at the end of the interview, I felt a bit sorry for Yusri as he was outnumbered two to one! But I’m glad it was all carried out in good faith – showing what can happen when people come together to voice their differing views through rational dialogue.

I agree that the ‘Allah’ controversy is a political issue rather than a religious one. And I agree with Marina Mahathir’s conclusion – that it is not the politicians who are going to get us out of this mess. It is the ‘rakyat’, the people on the ground, who will provide the best resolution to this issue. It is the countless people, who have come together to show solidarity, compassion and understanding through this dark chapter in Malaysian history, that gives us hope for the future of Malaysia.


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