Beacons of Hope Shining Through the Darkness

On this day, together with fellow Malaysians of all faiths,

I mourn…

… for those who have resorted to using religion for political leverage and other selfish gains

… for those who continue to point fingers and play the blame game

… for irresponsible people who continue to fan the flames of religious tension

… for those who hide the truth from others

… for those who remain ignorant about the beliefs of others, and also about the history of their own faiths

… for those who continue to be selfish and ignorant of the needs of others, including the needs of our brothers and sisters from East Malaysia

… for those who remain in apathy and just don’t care

I rejoice…

… for Malaysians who tried their best to diffuse the tension, even though they might not have succeeded

… for Malaysians who went out of their way to stand up for the rights of people of all faiths

… for Malaysians who have shown compassion, generosity and wisdom through the entire mess

… for Malaysians who have spoken out in condemning violence and tactics of fear

… for Malaysians who continue to show love and solidarity that cross racial and religious boundaries

… for Malaysians who continue to mourn and suffer through all this, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

… that in the midst of all the fear and sadness, there are beacons of hope shining through the darkness

I pray…

… that God will forgive ALL OF US for our selfishness, ignorance, intolerance, judgmentalism and rumour-mongering

… that we will forgive one another and ask each other for forgiveness

… that we will all be instruments of God’s peace and love through our thoughts, words and actions

… that we will all remember that neither God nor His name belongs to any one of us, but that it is we who belong to Him


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